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Q: What do I do when the ‘Continue’ button on the last page of the application process does not allow me to advance to the review page so I can submit the application?

A: The ‘Brief Description of Job’ and ‘Reason for Leaving’ fields have a maximum of 500 characters but the system does not stop you from typing once you have reached that limit. Try using the ‘Previous’ button on the page, (do not use the browser back button) to navigate back to the ‘Employer History’ page and check to see if either of those fields has a red border. If it does, that means you have more than the 500 character limit so you will need to shorten the text you entered. Once you shorten the text, the application should allow you to proceed and finish. If you do not see a field with a red border on the ‘Employment History’ page, then check the other pages of the application form as well.


Q: What if I receive a ‘Current Action Unavailable’ message after uploading a resume?

A: This occurs typically when your resume file name is too long, or it contains special symbols such as a parenthesis, asterisk, slash etc. If you reduce the file name to less than 14 characters and remove any symbols from the file name, the issue should be resolved.


Q: I have applied to a position with Sinclair before. Now I see another job I want to apply for. What should I choose, ‘New Applicant’ or ‘Existing Applicant’?

A: Please choose ‘Existing Applicant’. You will be directed to log into your profile so that you can apply, then a list of all your jobs you have applied to will be populated in one place.


Q: How do I use my existing profile to apply for multiple jobs?

A: To apply using an existing profile, you must first click on the job listing you are interested in. Below the job description, select ‘Existing Applicant’ and log into your profile when prompted. Once you have logged in, look at the submittal history where you will see the previous applications and click ‘Submit this profile’ to the right. This will submit your information for the next application, you will be able to review and make changes to your resume, profile or cover letter. Click ‘Submit’. You will receive an email confirmation that the application was submitted.


Q: I want to apply for several positions with SBG, but want to tweak my cover letter for each application. How do I do that?

A: Following the instructions in question 4, each time you submit an application, you have the opportunity to make changes or add a new cover letter before submitting. OR you may make changes by clicking on the ‘Update Resume’ hyperlink. Once logged in, you can select ‘View Resume/CV’ next to a job that you applied to and scroll down to the location where you can attach files (steps 3 and 4). You may upload a new resume or cover letter here or change any of your information. Click the ‘Save resume/CV’ button.


Q: I applied as ‘New Applicant’ instead of ‘Existing Applicant’ even though I have applied before, now I can’t find any of my previous profiles. What happened?

A: If you applied as a ‘New Applicant’, as long as you used the same name, address and email address combination all the jobs you have applied for should populate under the same profile. If ANY of your information was changed even slightly, between jobs, each time it will create a different profile. When you log in, the system does not know which profile you want to go to, so it will take you to the most recent job you applied for. You will need to send an email to employment@sbgi.net so that we can go into each job and edit your name, email address and home address to match in each job. Please provide us the correct name, address and email address so that we may merge everything into one profile. Please be patient with us, as this may take us some time, depending on the number of profiles you may have.


Q: I’ve created a duplicate profile with a different email address and cannot see the most recent application when using the ‘New Applicant’ option rather than ‘Existing Applicant’. What do I do?

A: This is an issue that must be fixed by someone at Sinclair. Send an email to employment@sbgtv.com . We will need you to provide us both email addresses that you used, so we can go in and change your email address on the old profile to match the one on the new profile. This may take us some time.


Q: What should I do if I can’t reset the password on the account?

A: If you have more than one profile with the Company. The system does not know which profile to reset and you are typically locked out. When this occurs, send an email to employment@sbgtv.com so we can go in and change the email address on the old profile to allow you to reset the password. We will then have to change it back so that the accounts are linked. If you do NOT have more than one profile with the Company, please see the answer to question 9.


Q: I have created a profile with SBG, but when I attempt to log in the page just refreshes and will not let me log in. What do I do?

A: This is likely a browser caching error. Please try clearing your browser history (delete cookies and internet files) close the browser, re-open and try again. In Internet Explorer – open the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, click Delete Files, and click OK. (You can also Delete Cookies and Delete History here). This action should work if you are having trouble completing the application process as well.

Please also remember when resetting your password you should be sure to type your email address with no extra spacing; "test@test.com" is not the same as "test@test.com ".

When you login to reset your password it takes you to a screen to enter a new password and update, which then takes you back to the login screen to actually login with your new password.


Q: What do I do if I am unable to move to ‘Step 2’ of the process after entering profile data when using Internet Explorer 11? 

A: This is a specific problem to IE11 and does not occur in another version on IE or Chrome or Firefox. As a work around, please try another browser.


Q: I have accidentally withdrawn my application and the system will not let me reapply to the same job. What do I do?

A: Please send an email to employment@sbgtv.com and let us know the job title, job number and location of the job so that we can change it back. Even when you withdraw from a position, you are still tied to a job which is why you cannot reapply for the same position.


Q: I’m trying to apply for a position, but the system keeps kicking me back to a job agent, and it doesn’t recognize my email address as being in the system already.

A: The ‘Apply’ feature and the ‘Job Agent’ are two separate functions that are not linked. If you are being re-routed to a ‘Job Agent’, it sounds like you are trying to apply through the ‘Job Agent’, which is not possible. You will need to go to the actual job posting, and click either ‘New Applicant’ or ‘Existing Applicant’ within the ‘Apply’ box. If you have not previously applied for a position with us, you should click ‘New Applicant’; if you have applied for a position before, please click ‘Existing Applicant’.

Fyi – if the system is not recognizing your email address – it is because you have not applied for a position before, under the email address you are trying to use (even though you may have a job agent set up).


Q: I think I have a ‘Job Agent’ but I cannot update it. 

A: This is likely because you have only applied to a position, and you have not at any time set up a ‘Job Agent’. If you have applied to positions previously, the system does NOT automatically set you up for a ‘Job Agent’. If you would like to set up a ‘Job Agent’ and be notified of certain openings, click on the ‘Create Job Agent’ tab on the ‘Job Opportunities’ page.


Q: I have a new email address, phone number or address and I want to update my profile. How do I do that?

A: Click on the ‘Update your profile’ tab on the left side under ‘Job Opportunities’. Click on the ‘Edit profile’ hyperlink at the top of the page underneath ‘Current resume/CV Profiles’, edit any of the fields you would like to change and click “Save’.


Q: I’m having trouble opening the Electronic Application (e-app) link I received via email before my interview, what should I do?

A: Many email systems tend to have the HTML turned off by default in the email settings, so when the email is received the Electronic Application link does not work as a clickable hyperlink. The URL can be copied and pasted into an Internet Browser. The e-app link that was sent to you has a unique form ID in the URL. If you miss copying any of the characters in the file ID, the page will give an error. The link may show in two lines as shown below, but along with the first line all of the letters and numbers from the second line are needed to access the e-app.


Q: I’m having trouble completing the e-form application; the system won’t let me complete the form.

A: The e-application will automatically time out after 60 minutes from the time you begin working on it. Please make sure to complete the application in the same one-hour session that you started it. That will alleviate the issue.


Q: I applied to a position with Sinclair, and I wanted to check to make sure my resume was received and/or the status of my application. Should I call or email someone? 

A: No, please do not call or email. You received a confirmation email that your application was received, which means we are currently reviewing your credentials. Should we determine that your background and experience meets our hiring needs, we will contact you. Otherwise, please understand that due to the large volume of resumes we receive that we are unable to respond to every candidate who applies.



If you have a question that was not addressed here, please send an email to employment@sbgtv.com.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in working with Sinclair Broadcast Group!

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