To be the best, you have to attract the best people who are willing to work hard and produce phenomenal results. To support our efforts, our benefit plan is a significant part of our employee's total compensation package. SBG appreciates that in order to retain and recruit the best employees, we need to remain competitive. We hire highly motivated employees with a strong work ethic, a belief that nothing is impossible and a desire to be an exciting part of the future. SBG values it's employees and offers an outstanding and comprehensive benefit package that affords employees the opportunity to design a comprehensive benefit package that best suits their needs.

Health Care:

Full time employees who been employed for more than 75 days are eligible to sign up for the company-sponsored medical/prescription, vision and dental plans. Deductions are made on a pre-tax basis. Sinclair shares the health and dental insurance premium costs with its employees.

Health Insurance: Our PPO plan provides employees with choices. Employees are not tied down to particular doctors but can decide whether they want to use providers inside or outside of a network. At Sinclair, employees can choose the level of health coverage that best fits their needs as well as the needs of their family. Our PPO plan offers four different options that provide varying levels of coverage and cost. Prescription drug benefits follow the particular level of health coverage the employee selects.

Dental Insurance: Sinclair offers three levels of dental coverage, all of which provide for preventative and restorative services. The highest level of dental coverage includes orthodontia for dependent children under 19 years of age. With our dental insurance program, employees are free to choose whichever dental provider they wish to go to.

Vision Insurance: Vision care is an important part of your overall health care. The Sinclair Vision Plan provides coverage for routine eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. Employees can elect coverage for themselves and their spouse and children.

Flexible Spending Accounts: Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts are offered to all full time employees who are benefit eligible. These plans offer employees the opportunity to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay expenses not covered by the medical plan or for certain dependent care expenses. Contributions are limited to $2,500 for health care expenses and $5,000 for dependent-care expenses.

Life and Disability:

All Sinclair Life and Disability Benefits are available to benefit eligible full-time employees after 75 days of continuous employment. Coverage under Short and Long Term Disability Plans and the Company Life Plan are 100% COMPANY PAID.

Long Term and Short Term Disability: The Short-Term Disability policy commences on the 7th consecutive day of a disability and lasts for 12 weeks. The policy pays the employee 60% of their salary on a weekly basis. If an employee continues on disability past 12 weeks, they are eligible for Long Term Disability. This benefit pays the employee 66 2/3% of their annual salary with a maximum of $15,000 per month. Employees who return to work on a part-time basis may be able to can continue to receive partial Long Term Disability benefits

Company Paid Life/AD&D Insurance: This policy is in place for employees only. This policy offers 1 1/2 times the employees annual salary to a maximum of $200,000.

Supplemental Life Insurance: Though we feel that we offer excellent Company-paid life insurance benefits, we understand that some employees would like more. For this reason, we have made available additional life insurance that can be purchased for an employee, their spouse and dependents.

Retirement and Savings:

401(k) Retirement Plan: Employees are eligible to join the Plan on the first day of the month after 75 days of employment. In order to be eligible for the discretionary Company Match you must first complete one year of service with the Company. You are eligible for the discretionary Company Match in subsequent years if you work as least 1000 hours in that year and are employed on the last day of the year.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Available to employees after 1 year of service and is available to both Full and Part Time employees. Company stock can be purchased at a discounted rate through post-tax payroll deductions. The price of the stock is calculated by comparing the stock price at the beginning and end of the quarter. The lower of the two prices is then discounted by 15% and the stock is purchased for enrolled employees at the rate.

Other benefits:

Education Reimbursement: At Sinclair, we recognize and encourage our employees to extend their knowledge through formal education. All full-time employees with one year of continuous service are eligible to apply for reimbursement for courses directly related to their job or the broadcast industry.

Vacation, Holiday, and Sick Leave: Sinclair offers a time off for vacation, holiday, personal, and sick time to new employees, after the completion of six months continuous service. Vacation time is earned according to an employee's date of hire and is an accrued benefit.

For those few locations where employees may be represented by a union, those employees may or may not be eligible to participate in these benefits.

We take care of our employees. They earn it. So not only will you receive great benefits, but you'll also enjoy an opportunity for advancement, a challenging work environment and a company culture with open communication and teamwork. It's our goal to see that you reach your true potential.

If you were to design your own benefits package, what would it be like?