Employee Testimonials

I truly enjoy how SBG empowers their employees to own their roles within their station and encourages change and growth in every department. My title has remained the same with SBG but the level I can now interact with our employees has completely changed. I sincerely enjoy working for Sinclair and am excited to see what the future holds!

- Dannielle

I am extremely passionate about my job, and Sinclair has been able to give me the necessary push to get me where I am today.

- Lucrecia

Sinclair has been key to my professional success as the Management Team recognized my areas of expertise and offered me the opportunity to advance based on my contribution to the team. I love coming to work every day because my colleagues are top notch in the industry and I am always faced with new challenges. At Sinclair, you are more than just a number — you are a team member — a part of the Sinclair family — and your contribution to the company's continued success and steady growth is recognized, appreciated and rewarded.

- Greg

Since Sinclair purchased KEYE we have all been extremely impressed with the help, benefits, resources and systems. I say this because we have had 4 owners in 7 years so we were used to the being sold/acquired cycle but Sinclair has been such an incredible experience. The due diligence was made to review our market and a plan was made for us to win. There is a great team at this company and Sinclair has kept their word at every turn. It is exciting to see this month the new program acquisitions and news resources on air and I look forward to the continued growth with SBG.

- Amy

What I like best about working at a Sinclair Broadcast station is the commitment corporate makes to improve its employees. We've had a number of workshops at WZTV to work on our writing and producing skills. I have also been able to attend several out of station workshops on management and branding. It's this type of investment that makes individual employees better and ultimately makes us stronger as a company.

- David

Sinclair has been very good to me i.e. allowing me to experience new opportunities (Columbus, Asheville, & Nashville). For a company this size, you really feel as though the company i.e. leaders care about you and the job you do. Sinclair is a leader in the industry and my job is challenging and rewarding.

- Mark

Working at the Sinclair station in West Palm Beach is a dream. Not only am I a native Floridian, but the extra pay in sunshine is great. I also feel I have an opportunity to grow as a journalist and I look forward to those opportunities.

- Tania