Innovative... Forward-thinking... Daring... Dedicated... Aspiring... Not words one might associate with a broadcasting company, but certainly a driving force behind the success of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Our employees embrace a number of commonly shared values - here at SBG, we embrace Accountability, Specificity, Follow- thru and Consistency. Likewise, collaboration, customer focus, appreciation and respect for diversity, and, at all times, the highest ethical standards.

Our success is the result of extraordinary employees and an exemplary management team who believe in a vision and are dedicated to making Sinclair a communications powerhouse. Now a publicly owned company, we have strong roots as a family-run enterprise with a strong sense of history, and have successfully blended our family culture into the operation of a sleek, efficient corporation. The loyalty of our employees, along with a strong desire to succeed, has allowed Sinclair to rise to its position as the innovative leader of today's broadcasting world.

To ensure a great future, Sinclair continues to believe each of our stations is an important aspect of the communities in which they are located. We promote our stations as a whole and our employees as individuals to participate in an assortment of local programs. Our news teams continue to win numerous awards for raising community awareness and continuing involvement in a number of outreach programs. Sinclair employees, our most valued asset, are an important part of the communities we serve and are active members of many charitable organizations.

Whether you are looking for a large company structure or a small company structure, you can find it at Sinclair. Maybe your career goals involve staying in one city or moving among many, we can accomplish both.

Diversity statement:

Proud to be a Drug-Free and Equal Opportunity Employer, Sinclair values the diversity and well being of each of its employees. Our growth in the broadcast industry has its roots in diversity; Sinclair's 164 stations are acquisitions from several different broadcasting entities and are representative of the bright and varied cultures each of their employees bring. At the core of our recruiting initiative are our continuing efforts to ensure workplace diversity and our pledge to reach out to all areas of the community to educate community members of the variety of work opportunities available within the Sinclair Family. Additionally, as our employees' health and well being are a primary interest, our benefits program has been carefully sculpted to provide the highest level of care for each plan participant.